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Handmade in Bavaria


Collection Chi [ki]

We started with a pendant lamp - and today we present you with our first collection. We offer a solution for almost all lighting requirements. It does not matter whether it is swinging from the ceiling, bolted to the wall, standing on the table or standing on the floor, the independent character of the first luminaire is maintained with all these variants.

    We are particularly proud that our lights which are fully made in Bavaria in small factories - handcrafted and sustainable. In addition, we have hidden our bulbs in the brass parts of our lights, which makes them both beautiful and also very easy to change. Every Lieblingslicht is something very special.

Pendant Lights

They hang from the ceiling, individually or in an ensemble, with glass bodies in three different shapes and sizes and in up to six different colours.

   You can also choose whether your lights swing are mounted to black textile cables, or on rigid brass rods that hide the cables. You also have the choice of whether you want to get your lamp finished in natural or burnished brass.


Wall Lights

Lieblingslicht wall lights are versatile: They shine either up or down and can also be slightly angled away from the wall and shine up into the room - using a mirror. You can also get our wall lights in the two brass variants. The mounting for these models are our small glass bulbs in five different colours.


Standing Lights

These lamps complement our small collection with a table and a floor lamp that can be moved freely in the room. Both have a floor dimmer, which was developed by us and whose technology hides in a separate brass housing. Its manufacturing quality also follows our highest standards.



When I first stood in our glassworks in Frauenau, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was overwhelmed by what was done there. Men and women are working here with barely any machines, or other aids. They only work hard with their hands and mouth, in the blazing heat of the three "harbours" - as the huge glass jars for the glass are called. The end result are unique and filigree pieces, which we mount on our brass lamps.

Your Favourite Light


Lieblingslicht is a small lighting manufacturer and was founded in 2016 in Munich. Since then our lights have been handmade in Bavaria. Two materials characterise the appearance of our luminaries: mouth-blown glass from a famous glass factory in Frauenau near Zwiesel and turned solid brass from a metal workshop in Munich.


We do not show the light source, but rather hide it in the brass structure of our lamps. It illuminates the glass bulb from the inside without dazzling, creating an incomparably charming light.


DSC05542 (1).jpg

I’m looking forward to hear from you. Contact me for any inquires or remaining questions that our website couldn’t answer. 

Markus Ranft

Lieblingslicht Founder

Thank you for your inquiry!

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